Our pricing

In line with your volume of activity and the most efficient features of our site, Band of Boats has developed services adapted to your needs.

Our ad publishing services


*These offers are valid for a commitment until 31 December of the current year, followed by a 12-month commitment with tacit renewal.

** For 12 months (unlimited agencies), then €300 excluding VAT/month for 4 agencies and €40 excluding VAT/month for each additional agency. 12-month commitment with tacit renewal.



Maximize your chances of selling quickly. Highlight your ad in search results and multiply contacts.


Boat quote


Gain time and bring selling tools to your sales team

Obtain a quote from an independant market expert. A unique selling device to your selling negociation. This quote will help you value your boat and legitimate its price to your customer.

How is the boat estimated?

  • Model Popularity
  • Competitive analysis
  • Offer/demand evaluation
  • Selling prices evaluation
  • Economical situation


New for September 2023: Standard quote packs


By choosing a quote pack, you will be credited with the quantity of quotes contained in the pack. You can estimate the value of your boats at any time within the limit of their useful life.

*A discount of 10% is applied to the 5 quotes pack, 15% to the 10 quotes pack and 20% to the 25 quotes pack.

Sold boat values per model


Consult in an unlimited way, the selling prices of the last transactions by model and compare them with the ads online.

You can access the consultation of price changes throughout the life of your ads and download .pdf files to send to your clients.

These precious elements will help you in the preparation of your files.

Offer applies until December 31st of subscription year


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